Sporting Objectivies

We recognise that success at the top level of sport will not be realised unless there are the facilities and systems in place that are conducive to intensive training and challenging competition. Training is a central component of high performance sport hence it is given due priority at MANUKURA. All students are involved in daily conditioning sessions that are periodised and tailored for each athlete. Nutrition is an integral component for athletes and therefore students are fed all meals throughout the day, with further education on nutrition.

Students are expected to manage a lifestyle reflective of high performance sport and with this a strong commitment to all aspects of sports science which positively enhance performance.

The MANUKURA sporting objectives are to provide:

  • Physical Conditioning
  • Specialist Coaching
  • Nutrition Education
  • Mentoring Support
  • Periodised Planning
  • Mental Skills Development

Currently we focus on providing support for athletes in the following sports only to ensure we can adequately resource the athletes and assist them in meeting their goals:

  • Basketball
  • Individual Sports (Athletics, Golf, Hockey, Skiing, Snow Boarding, Wrestling)
  • Netball
  • Rugby - 15 aside and 7 aside
  • Rugby League
  • Touch Rugby
  • Waka Ama

Where we are able to support individual sport athletes we do.  This is dependent on the levels of support they have locally for competing and training, their personal commitment levels and whānau support for the individual.



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