The Charitable Trust Board

The Trust's role and functions are directed towards achievement of the Trust's objectives, which are to:

  • To promote good character and citizenship amongst New Zealand students of all social and socio-economic backgrounds.
  • To promote a culture of success and an expectation of high attainment.
  •  To establish a model of education that will be portable to the future structures established with similar values.
  • To promote educational development through:
    • Small class ratios,
    • Customised and flexible programmes that prepare students for University study and career paths,
    • Individual tuition by selected mentors,
    • Flexible timetables that allow for a sensible mix of study and training, Subject choice delivered through The Correspondence School and MANUKURA,
    • Close monitoring by an academic coordinator - mentor
  • Establish a philosophy of excellence that permeates all aspects of the programme
  • A link between sport and education, promoting the notion of healthy mind and healthy body.
  • To provide educational opportunities for students from lower socio-economic backgrounds in particular to fund specific cultural and sporting opportunities for such students who would otherwise be denied access to such events. 
  • To promote an educational programme to entice children from lower socio-economic backgrounds who will be encouraged to remain in secondary education as long as possible.
  • To create pathways and support mechanisms for children from lower socio-economic backgrounds within education. To support the transition to tertiary education particularly with the assistance of the proposed mentoring programme.
  • To engage mentors of similar backgrounds to the students to foster an empathetic approach to the education of the students.
  • To promote educational opportunities for lower socio-economic students for the benefit of the community generally, and in particular, by ensuring that all students of any background are encouraged to undertake higher educational attainment.



Sir Mason Durie  
AVC Maori (Massey University)

Awerangi Durie   
Business Consultant - Lecturer (Massey University -Akld)

Dennis Emery 
Iwi business

Dick Garrett
CEO (Aotearoa Maori Tennis)

Dr Farah Palmer
Lecturer (Massey University) & Elite Athlete

Taniya Ward

Whanau Representative