Other Sports

We have been able to support varied sporting codes over the years with the decision being very much dependent on resourcing available: physical, human and financial.

In 2015 we support the following individual sports:  Archery, Athletics, Cross Fit, Golf, Hockey, Jiu Jitsu and Skiiing

2015 Students:

Haylee Dixon & Aaliyah Samson - Athletics (Throws)
Louis Willis - Archery
Jack Waller, Tineka Kumeroa & Louis Willis - Golf
Tulin Pritchard - Hockey
Millie Culshaw - MMA, Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling
Lucy Brown - Skiing


Below are a range of sports we have had the enjoyment of working with over recent years.

2014 Students:

Lucy Brown - Skiing

Lucy is a Year 9 student whom has aspirations to reach the heights of skiing.  Lucy is engaged in netball however her passion is in the area of skiing.  Lucy is an extremely fit athlete and we look forward to helping her achieve her goals this season.  Recently Lucy placed 2nd in the Secondary School section of the Aotearoa Iwi Competition.

Dahnyelle Rogan - Karate

Dahnyelle is a Year 13 student who looks to continue chasing international events after completed her first International in 2013 where she gained two silver medals.  Dahnyelle recently gained two gold medals in her first Open Womens competition proving her future is bright.

Haylee Dixon - Athletics (Field)

Haylee is a Year 10 student in 2014 and has already had a summer of success. Haylee won the 14 years Discus at the Colgate Games held in Whangarei in January which was backed up with her winning the Junior Nationals mid February.

Rakei Hina - Snowboarding

Rakei is a Year 10 student who plays in Rugby, League and Touch sports teams along with his passion of Snowboarding.  Rakei finished 3rd in the Open Mens Aotearoa Iwi Championships which is a significant result after returning from injury.


2013 Students:

Erana Tamati - Hockey

Erana is a Year 13 student who competes locally for both Open Womens Club, Manawatu and Central age grade Representative Teams.  Erana has also been successful in achieving national honours with the NZ Māori Under 21 Hockey Team and played for Aotea in the Māori National Tournament.

Dahnyelle Rogan - Karate

Dahnyelle is a Year 12 student who competes at local, regional and national levels in her discipline.  Dahynelle has just finished NZ Nationals where she placed first in all 3 events.  This led to her gaining NZ Selection.  Dahnyelle successfully completed her first International gaining two silver medals in her disciplines.  She competed in a tight final with the Japanese athlete taking eventual honours. Outstanding results Dahnyelle.

Haylee Dixon - Athletics (Field)

Haylee is a Year 9 student who competes in Shot Put and Discus.  Haylee was successful at the local secondary school level winning both her events and setting a new Shot Put Junior record in the process.  Haylee then went on to win the North Island Junior Shot Put and placed 2nd in Junior Discus putting her into contention in the upcoming NZSS event.  Best wishes to Haylee.




2006-2007: We are fortunate to have the services of Mrs Gwenda Britten who provides individual tuition for Rose on a daily basis. Rose and her whanau coordinate the ballet programme including conditioning and nutrition sessions with Tony Small.  Rose conducts her training sessions during the morning conditioning period, returning to classwork at the same time as other students.

2008-2009: Rose is completing her Ballet through a scholarship received to attend a Dance School in Sydney, Australia

Royal New Zealand Ballet

Saba Young Ballet

Ballet Gallery





2009 Students:

Paparangi Hipango - Rowing

Paparangi competed at the World Junior Championships in 2009. A 2008 Bronze medalist and selected as the Aotearoa Maori Junior Sportsperson of the year.  Paparangi is Year 13 and will graduate at the end of the year.  She is intending completing her studies overseas with the option of gaining a Rowing scholarship at the end of 2009.

Anna Birchall - Swimming

Anna has joined our whānau from Carncot School. Anna trains under the tutelage of her own personal trainer and coach Mr Nicholls and is based at the West End Aquatic Centre, attending our programme for academic support and mentorship. Anna participates in waterpolo also and her team has qualified to attend the Division 2 Waterpolo Nationals. 
Lucy 2nd placeRAKEI Ski.PNGu18s WGTN 2011_0006-sml.jpgRose BARNETT