Boarding at MANUKURA

Whilst we do not advocate as being a boarding institution, we are aware of the need to assist whanau with this option and do work to provide limited accommodation through private homes.  Evidently this relies on the goodwill of our existing whanau and staff to make this a reality and as such it is reviewed annually. 

This year we are fortunate to have a number of private homes available for students based in Palmerston North and Feilding.  The homes are all operated by whanau and though independant of MANUKURA are critical in the role they play in supporting the students holistic development.  As such MANUKURA is included in the decision making process to assist the boarding home students, whanau and the boarding home caregivers.

With students busy sporting schedules whanau provide both a 5 & 7 day option.  Availability of space in the homes takes into account: gender, sporting needs, a balance of students requiring 5 or 7 day board and year level.

Private boarding charges vary between $5,500 and $6,800 for the year pending private boarding arrangements.

Boarding Bursaries 2019: please check the new system in place via the Ministry of Education website.  It is critical to apply now by using the Ministry of Education online directions.