Athlete focused, coach led, performance driven.


The Government invests in high performance sport for the many benefits it brings to the whole country, including the national pride we feel when we see New Zealanders standing on the podium. Our most successful athletes act as role models, and their performances add fuel to the dreams of others. They also inspire other New Zealanders to be successful, whether this is in sport or other endeavours. Having New Zealanders winning on the world stage builds identity and promotes New Zealand as a successful nation internationally.



High Performance Sport NZ Strategic Plan, 2011



This is the mantle of High Performance Sport New Zealand and one in which we at MANUKURA embrace.  Our main focus is to grow people through sport using it as a catalyst to achieve academic and sporting success always with the focus of being successful Māori role models as a key ingredient.   Our goal is to identify and develop sporting talent, and ensure athletes have the skills and resources they need to produce, nurture and support their academic and sporting aspirations.


Creating a performance driven environment where high expectations challenge all personnel to reflect the aspirations of MANUKURA is a constant.  Sports science is one of the many areas the programme encompasses into the daily expectations of the athletes lives. MANUKURA is a high performance lifestyle and therefore behaviours that detract from this lifestyle are not tolerated.


§  We believe in fair play

§  We believe in providing opportunities for all to develop performance depth and growth

§  We believe in fostering the self-esteem and respect of both self and others 

§  We believe in quality learning experiences that extend, challenge and grow individuals

§  We believe in providing opportunities in which students can achieve personal success

§  We believe in reflecting positively the aspirations of Māori success the MANUKURA way

§  We believe in committing to a high performance lifestyle

§  We believe in creating an environment where high expectation is paramount



High Performance Sport at MANUKURA demands the highest standards of conduct and representation.  The MANUKURA way expects all personnel to reflect strongly a pride in all aspects of MANUKURA representation.  Individuals representing MANUKURA accept their role in being best prepared for the role they play, in expecting the best of others and in always seeking to grow.


MANUKURA Sport Management

All MANUKURA sport personnel are volunteers gifting their time, expertise and experience for the betterment of growing individuals through sport.  Respect for their specific roles and decisions is an important aspect of the programme.  Any queries should be directed to the Coach in the first instance then to the Director of Sport as the situation necessitates.



All uniform items that carry the MANUKURA logo are loaned out to personnel for their specific sporting events.  These loan items are to be worn only by the individual they are loaned to, and to events in which that person is directly involved as a player or management member.  No items with the MANUKURA logo are available for purchase to ensure the reflection of MANUKURA is managed appropriately by those directly representing MANUKURA.


All teams/individuals representing MANUKURA must wear the full and correct attire for the event at all times they are representing MANUKURA.  Wearing full uniform items to and from events includes appropriate footwear. We believe uniform is a strong reflection of attitude, character and the pride you have in who and what you represent therefore conduct whilst wearing such items needs to be of the highest standards.  Specific uniform items required for each event will be directed by the person in charge of that particular group.


Non compliance will lead to the removal of students from sporting events/programmes.  To ensure all personnel involved understand the expectations of them as MANUKURA representatives, codes of conduct are articulated below:



§  Play for the learning and development sport offers.

§  Play with passion but play by the rules.

§  Never argue with officials’ decisions.  Let your captain or coach ask any necessary questions at appropriate times.

§  Recognise positive contributions made by teammates’ and opposition.

§  Treat all players’ as you would like to be treated.

§  Cooperate with your coach, teammates’ and opponents, for without them you don’t have a game.

§  Contribute to your own, and the teams progress, by being a self responsible, self reflective and self driven athlete.

§  Live the high performance lifestyle: quality nutrition, conditioning, sleep, recovery, and attitude.



§  Embrace the MANUKURA way.

§  Encourage and support the high performance lifestyle.

§  Teach your child that honest effort is as important as victory so that the result of each game is accepted without undue disappointment and a focus on learning is always evident.

§  Turn defeat into victory and victory into further learning by helping your child develop confidence in accurate and regular self-reflection.

§  Remember that athletes learn best by example. Comments from the sideline need to be unbiased and positive.

§  Do not question the officials’ judgment. The official is always right.



§  Support is an essential part of development of athletes

§  Applaud good play by your own team and the opposition.

§  Show respect for your team’s opponents.  Without them there would be no games.

§  Never ridicule or scold a child for making a mistake during a game.

§  Condemn the use of violence in all forms.

§  Respect the referee’s decision.

§  Encourage players to play according to the rules.

§  Any inappropriate behaviour reflects badly on yourself, the team and MANUKURA.



§  Players need a coach that they can respect.  Be generous with your praise when it is deserved and set a good example in all areas such as attire, language, expectations, punctuality and expertise.

§  Ensure that all players are given the opportunities to perform and grow.

§  Develop team respect for the judgment of officials.

§  Follow the advice of a doctor in determining when an injured player is fit to play again.

§  Insist on fair and disciplined play, do not tolerate foul play, fighting or bad language.  Be prepared to take the offending player play out of the competition environment.



No sport fee is charged for MANUKURA sport, however it is an expectation that all athletes contribute to the fundraising efforts required for the sporting events and tournaments associated with each sporting code.  Whānau assistance is welcome but not necessary.  We believe that MANUKURA athletes needs to be at the forefront of fundraising efforts demonstrating a ‘hands up versus a hands out’ attitude.  They are the direct benefactors of the opportunities sport presents and therefore are expected to bring enthusiasm and energy to each fundraising task.


 School levies cover the academic and nutritional requirements of the programme with the inclusion of sports science aspects such as gym membership and conditioning consultancy included. Fundraising efforts pay for the entry fees to local, regional and national events along with the associated costs of attending such events/tours (transport, food, recovery etc).


No payments for coaching are made - all personnel involved in MANUKURA sport contribute their time and expertise as volunteers.

Representative Sport

It is an expectation at MANUKURA that all players make themselves available for Representative selections.  Representative sport is considered a critical learning opportunity in high performance sport and as such can lead to further development opportunities at regional and/or national level. MANUKURA works closely with the local sporting bodies to ensure the programmes align and support the development of players both now and in the future.  Fees associated with participation in all Representative Teams is an individual player cost and therefore not linked to school fundraising which is for MANUKURA sport specifically.



We use sport as a catalyst to drive excellence in all areas of students’ lives.  The sports we are able to offer specific support and growth in are currently Basketball, Netball, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Touch Rugby.  Athletes with strengths in other sporting codes are considered based on whether both, we and they, can support the development of that code to a high performance level and best fit within the environment at that given time. 


NZSSSC - School Team Eligibility criteria

A school team eligible to compete in National and Island secondary school events must not exceed the quota of students new to the school in the 2 years preceding the first day of the event as specified in the table below. Teams will be limited to a maximum two (2) non-domestic students (or one for sports with a quota of one) and any non domestic student must always be included in the quota allowed. Domestic students are defined in Note 6 below.


Maximum number of:

New to School Students (enrolled within 2 years preceding the start of event) and Non Domestic Students who must be included in these maximum numbers, unless the New to School student has been issued a Primary Caregiver Relocation Exemption (PCRE) whereby they are exempt from these numbers:


Basketball – 3 – ‘A’ and ‘AA’ Championships

Golf - 2 - NZCT Finals

Netball - 4 - Championships

Rugby League - 5 - Championships

Rugby Union (15's) - 6 - 1st XV and Coed 1st XV

Rugby Union (7's) - 3 - Championships

Tennis - 2 - Championships

Touch - 4 – Finals


Please make contact with Nathan, Director of Sport if you have any queries.  In addition, direct communication with the Sports Lead person is advisable.