MANUKURA Vision Statement

  • MANUKURA is a unique and special place. Evidence of integration and balance between education, sport and culture is reflected in both our curriculum and our delivery.   It is a place where students and staff exemplify the MANUKURA ethos. Students are confident and proud and have the ability to inspire and guide others. Excellence is a normalised expectation for students and staff within a Maori cultural framework.
  • Staff are totally committed to the vision of MANUKURA and Maori advancement. Maori values underpin the curriculum to uphold the commitment to the students’ success in all areas. High expectations and achievement enhance the notions of potential and self-belief.  Our students are inspiring role models and positive ambassadors.  Sport is a major focus at MANUKURA and therefore strong relationships have been established with professional sporting organisations to open sporting pathways for our students. Elite coaching development for staff and students is available in all codes.
  • MANUKURA has regular self review strategies to ensure the student is always at the centre of our focus. There are systems that everyone understands to enhance teaching and learning. Students and staff clearly know the purpose for the things that we do each day and why.  To ensure rangatahi shape their own future, programmes are personalised to cater for the students individual learning styles. By knowing the students, listening to, and valuing them we recognise their gifts and talents and provide guidance to support their futures.
  • Professional development for staff is a core component in the success of MANUKURA. Exploring successful models and practices and creating/implementing our own curriculum and pedagogies benefits MANUKURA.  Clear communication between all members of the whānau is evident. Staff are empowered and know we belong to a team where it is expected that we can share ideas and be part of the decision making towards our shared vision, developed through mutual respect and communication.
  • MANUKURA is committed to ensuring students are leaders within their communities and chosen fields. Students display the values and morals of MANUKURA and their whānau. Graduated students are living their sporting and career aspirations. Their skills are transferable in many contexts. They are global citizens.