Daily Schedule

7.20-8.45 AM                Practices or Conditioning

8.45-9.30 AM                Shower/ Breakfast

9.30-9.45 AM                Briefing

9.45-10.15 AM              Waiata/Reo/Briefing

10.20 AM-12.10 PM     STUDY BLOCK 1 (Senior Students)

10.20 AM-12.30 PM     STUDY BLOCK 1 (Junior Students)

12.10-12.30 PM            Lunch (Senior Students)

12.30-12.50 PM            Lunch (Junior Students)

12.30-1.00 PM              Sustained Silent Reading (Senior Students)

12.50-1.10 PM              Sustained Silent Reading (Junior Students)

1.00-2.00 PM                STUDY BLOCK 2 (Senior Students)

1.10-2.00 PM                STUDY BLOCK 2 (Junior Students)

2.00-2.10 PM                Break (Afternoon Tea)

2.10-3.30 PM                STUDY BLOCK 3

3.10-3.30 PM                Cleaning Duties

3.30-3.40 PM                Debrief

3.45-5.00 PM                Practices or Conditioning



  • Students wear tidy mufti, they shower after their first training in the morning and then require a second change of training clothing for the afternoon session.
  • As part of the charges for goods and services, all students are fed breakfast (continental and cooked), lunch and an afternoon snack to support their daily learning and training needs.