2020 Enrolments- For all prospective 2020 whanau & students.  Please post or email your application forms to begin the 2020 process.

MANUKURA invite all intending whanau to submit an application form throughout the year for consideration.  On receipt of application an invitation to the MANUKURA Orientation Day on FRIDAY September 20th, 2019 will be sent.

P.O Box 5478

(06) 354-9531 Phone



MANUKURA is a designated special character school.  MANUKURA is based at Massey University (Kura Awa buildings) catering to students from Years 9-13.

MANUKURA's special character designation is high performance sport and academics therefore MANUKURA provide a full 'wrap around' service, including nutrition, exercise prescription and coaching inclusive of individualised academic plans.

MANUKURA invite all intending whanau to submit an application form now. From this point your application will be receipted and an invitation will be sent to attend the MANUKURA orientation day.  As always numbers of students will be considered based on physical and human resources.  In addition, consideration of sporting code athlete numbers and positional fit is a critical factor to manage.  This ensures we are able to provide the necessary development and extension in and out of the classroom for each student/athlete. 

It is important for intending students to understand that MANUKURA is a programme that aspires to achieve excellence academically and in our selected sports. Furthermore, that students of MANUKURA represent a kaupapa that is premised on tikanga Maori.

MANUKURA provides a varied curriculum that focuses on academic, sporting, and cultural pursuits for the students using a combination of high quality teachers, coaches, and mentors.  The language of tuition is English.

MANUKURA is dedicated to producing confident and competent students and therefore the commitment of students and whanau to support this challenging expectation is critical.    

Boarding Bursaries 2020: please check the new system in place via the Ministry of Education website.  It is critical to apply now by using the Ministry of Education online directions.